Agricultural Appraisals in Saskatchewan

Tags: Valuations & Appraisals

October 22, 2014

Although we are based in Alberta, we have considerable coverage throughout western Canada. For example, over the last month, Serecon has researched and viewed about 200,000 acres of farmland in Saskatchewan for valuation purposes. Our work may be for a single quarter section containing 160 acres; a large crop operation with 10,000 acres; or a large ranch with 35,000 acres of grassland. We are active throughout the province on a regular basis and continue to see strong real estate activity. In addition to Saskatchewan, Serecon has completed and have ongoing appraisal activities in British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. 

To find out more about our valuation and appraisal services contact one of our AACI accredited appraisers on Our Team page or email an Appraisal specialist. In addition, view our Valuations and Appraisals webpage.