Insurance Pricing and Claims

Our specialists in the business of agriculture complete a wide range of insurance based projects for industry associations, insurance companies, government, and individual or corporate farms and ranches. These projects including, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Crop damage loss verification and quantification 
  • Loss quantification model assessments
  • Market pricing insurance feasibility studies
  • Livestock insurance implementation plans
  • Livestock insurance program development
  • Insurance option development and analysis
  • Insurance claim valuations
  • Foundational development for livestock insurance 
  • Injury/accident claims
  • Income and expense impacts on farming operation
  • Fire loss determination and analysis 
  • Crop insurance evaluation 
  • Insurance margin analysis
  • Insurance basis pricing

The insurance pricing and insurance claim work completed by Serecon is specific to the needs of the client. The areas covered touch on all of our service offerings including appraisals, management consulting, and advisory services.

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