Emergency Management

Serecon has been extensively involved in the development of policies and strategies to inform the preparedness of the Canadian livestock sector against Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) incursions as well as the development of resources for non-animal health disease-related events. 

Serecon has been involved at a provincial and federal level to address issues relating to:

  • African Swine Fever
  • Foot and Mouth Disease

Relating to African Swine Fever, Serecon has been involved in the African Swine Fever Executive Management Board, which is a collaboration between federal, provincial, and territorial (FPT) governments and industry representatives to provide guidance and prioritize activities across FPT governments and industry to address the risk of ASF introduction and establishment in Canada. 

Relating to Foot and Mouth Disease, Serecon has been involved in work relating to the economic impacts of an FMD incursion within Canada and is currently involved in the strategic development of vaccination delivery strategies for the Canadian livestock sector in conjunction with the CFIA, National Livestock Organizations, Animal Health Canada, and Provincial Agriculture Authorities. This involves not only managing the vaccination aspect of the emergency management response but also the subsequent activities required with communication, surveillance, zoning and re-establishment of International Trade status in conjunction with WOAH guidelines.  

An example of a report developed by Serecon relating to “Development of Model for Shared Costs in the Event of Foreign Animal Disease Outbreak” published in 2022 can be found here