Drones & Imagery Consulting

Serecon has a strategic partnership with LandView Drones which is the leading agricultural drone services company in western Canada. As a result, our consultants can utilize the latest advancement in drones and crop or livestock scouting technology and other agricultural or rural monitoring needs. Clients seeking assistance with crop health, crop stress, plant population counts, livestock monitoring, and even studying wildlife impacts utilize our drone and imagery consulting services combined with our agricultural expertise to solve problems, determine action plans, and/or provide evidence for litigation matters. 

The best sensors/cameras are utilized on the right aircraft, flight control software, and image processing software for the job. The best systems deliver true multispectral imagery within minutes, and without any internet.  The data can be immediately used to direct a crop scout to those areas of fields requiring the most attention, making crop scouting both more effective and efficient. While field crops are the primary market, the large acreage coverage of our fixed wing drone platforms also makes them of interest to other industries requiring high-resolution maps and digital elevation models. Whether a project requires NDVI or other vegetative imaging and video; orthomosaics for agronomic analysis, multispectral combabilities; fast processing; deep crop insights; or other needs, our consultants are ready to assist with the latest technology in agricultural drone services. 

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