Market Intelligence & Industry Studies

Example of Industry Strategic Planning Example of Industry Strategic Planning

Serecon's team collects and delivers meaningful market intelligence for the agri-food industry on domestic and export market opportunities, and potential competition and risk. Qualitative and quantitative approaches allow for the determination of target market size, consumer response, market scope, and value.

The scope of our market research and consulting services includes:

  • Marketing research study design,
  • Field management for quantitative (phone, mail, web based) data collection
  • Focus group moderating and other forms of qualitative data collection
  • Collection and analysis of secondary data
  • Benchmarking of strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors

Serecon uses the results of market intelligence to provide recommendations to clients on how to improve strengths or opportunities and manage weaknesses or threats.

Serecon has worked extensively for industry organizations, associations and governments, often working collaboratively with each other, in developing inventories of industry capacity and plans for the future. We determine the structure, trends, opportunities and threats facing an industry or sector through:

  • Economic impact studies
  • Research and establishment of sector and industry benchmarks
  • Analyses and review of existing operations

Our services often go beyond just developing a picture of an industy's status quo.  Serecon adds value by helping to develop strategies, policies, and action plans with industry stakeholders.

Whether for government or an industry organization, it is crucial that all stakeholders be involved in planning.

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