Land Use Impact & Compensation Analyses

Example of Land Use Impact & Compensation Analysis Example Example of Land Use Impact & Compensation Analysis Example

Our Land Use Impact Studies involve analyzing what impact a given factor has on adjacent or surrounding land uses and land values. The given factor may be electrical transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines, transportation and utilities corridors, resource extraction, heavy industry and/or farming activities among other factors. The analysis utilizes market data to indicate whether or not an impact is negative, positive, or insignificant.  A study could analyze the impact on country residences, rural land values, urban property values, and/or agricultural operations among other factors.

Our appraisal expertise allows us to objectively study the marketplace and allow the market data to indicate the impact. Moreover, our agricultural experience and expertise allows us to provide informative factors that affect agricultural operations and we provide valuable information to our clients about agricultural practices that may not be evident to non-agricultural stakeholders.

Utility companies and expropriation authorities have the ability to acquire private lands given that the project is for the public good and that it is approved by the appropriate authority. As a result, private landowners are due, by law, compensation for the taking, loss of use, adverse effect, damages, and/or injurious affection that the given project has on the private lands.

Our Land Use Compensation Analyses provide estimates of fair compensation to the landowner based on an analysis of land values, agricultural practices, and other factors impacting the landowner. These analyses are most often utilized by utility companies, oil and gas companies as well as government departments and law firms for litigation matters. All reports are completed and signed by an accredited appraiser of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AACI).

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