Since being formed in 1991, Serecon has been dedicated to providing agriculture, agri-food and land expertise to the agricultural industry in Canada and internationally. Today, Serecon continues to focus on providing professional business services to individuals, businesses, and government that operate or have a footprint in agriculture and rural areas in Canada and internationally.

At Serecon, we are “Specialists in the Business of Agriculture”. Serecon clients can be found in all livestock and crop sectors; as well as upstream and downstream industries related to agriculture including food processing, grain handling, fertilizer, and seed. Our services also support individual land and property owners, legal and financial institutions, the investment industry, the oil & gas sector, road & utility managers, first nations, and government.

Serecon and our network of partners allows us to provide services to our clients across Canada and internationally.

Serecon provides services in three main areas including:

  1. Appraisals and Valuations
  2. Management Consulting
  3. Advisory Services 

The Serecon corporate vision is:

Serecon provides objective value added services to the agriculture and food sectors through asset and business valuation; management consulting services; and advisory services.

The principles supporting this vision are:

  • To maintain a solid reputation for objective, independent analysis;
  • Be flexible to respond to new ideas, projects, and opportunities, and ensure a  nimble decision making capacity;
  • To maintain a strong informal and open communication system; and
  • Value each team member for their contributions to Serecon’s success.