Full Narrative Appraisals

Example of Full Narrative Appraisal Example of Full Narrative Appraisal

Our certified appraisers have a strong reputation of completing the highest quality reports to clients who need to establish value. Serecon will complete a detailed professional report that is signed by an accredited appraiser of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AACI).

Serecon supports a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors including landowners, banks, lawyers, oil & gas companies, utility companies, investment funds, and government.

Our Full Narrative Appraisals cover all types of agricultural or rural properties such as:

  • Farmland: cropland, cultivated, pasture, ranch, irrigated, mixed use, etc.
  • Agri-Business: poultry, dairy, beef, hog, sheep, Hutterite colony, etc.
  • Grain Handling: feedmills, elevators, grain bins, conveyors, augers, etc. 
  • Country residential: vacant, mobile, bungalow, estate, ranch, etc. 
  • Recreational: riverfront, lakefront, hunting, fishing, vacation, etc.
  • Future development: urban fringe, holding, rezoning, land use changes, etc.
  • Commercial/Industrial: grain terminal, auction mart, abattoir, greenhouse, etc.

 Our Full Narrative Appraisals are required for many types of needs such as:

  • Financial: mortgages, refinancing, bankruptcy, foreclosure
  • Tax purposes: capital gains tax, estate transfers, Valuation Day
  • Expropriation: compensation, damages, injurious affection
  • Surface rights issues: compensation, loss of use, adverse effect
  • Conservation easements: environment, agricultural, development restrictions
  • Litigation support & expert witness: legal proceedings, arbitration, hearings
  • Dispute resolution: divorce appraisals with third-party, unbiased opinions
  • Buying, selling, or leasing decisions: offer price, asking price, rental rates
  • Transferring ownership: succession planning, spousal transfer
  • Accounting requirements: investment reporting, corporate statements
  • First Nations land claims: asset valuation, loss of use assessment

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