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Field Optimization Advisory Services

February 8, 2019

Lisa Healey, a consultant with Serecon, recently won a Crop advisor casebook from Grainews Magazine¬†wherein she identified that crop patches in rectangular blocks were due to misplaced sectional shut-offs. She indicated that the automatic shut-offs were likely installed on the opposite side which caused double application on the headlands and missed…

Feedlot Appraisals - AB & SK

January 16, 2019

Over the last ten years, Serecon has completed over 60 feedlot appraisals throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Accordingly, our agricultural appraisers have a strong understanding of the factors that impact the cattle feeding industry. The appraisals range in size from small, medium to large feedlots as well as old, renovated and new feedlots. In addition…

Alberta Farmland Value Trend - Peace Country

December 27, 2018

Real estate market data collected and analyzed thus far in 2018 indicates that farmland values for mostly open, cultivated cropland in the Peace Country of Alberta have appreciated approximately 6% this year. The research data includes areas within or nearby the following municipalities: Mackenzie¬† Fort Vermillion Northern Lights Manning Northern…