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Pulse Fractionation Modelling

June 22, 2020

Source of Yellow Peas Image: https://seednet.ca/variety/aac-lacombe-yellow-pea/ Over the past year, our Specialists in the Business of Agriculture have conducted several in-depth analyses focused on the pulse fractionation sector in Western Canada. This is an emerging sector for Western Canada and Serecon is excited to be involved. In addition to developing…

Covid-19 and Current Economics: Observed Impacts on Farmland Values

June 3, 2020

As of today, our farm appraisers have observed that farmland values have remained largely on trend with the existing value trend in the given area or values have held steady in most rural areas throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Properties located in closer proximity to major urban centers have experienced modest downwards trends over the last few…

Agriculture, Agri-Food & Land Experts

May 5, 2020

Our team at Serecon has years of experience as professionals as well as professionals in training and professional support staff. Our expertise is founded on an extensive list of educational achievements throughout our 17 current team members in additional to past members who have contributed to our skill sets. The following lists the academic and…