Example of Sustainability Metrices Report Example of Sustainability Metrices Report

Serecon has developed indicators and indexes of environmental and economic sustainability of agricultural production.  By working with a diverse group of stakeholders, including agricultural and food processing/retail organizations, we have developed quantitative indicators to accurately reflect farm-level activities. These indicators model the environmental impact of farm operations, including:

  • Land use efficiency
  • Soil erosion risk
  • Energy use
  • Climate impact
  • Soil carbon release

Serecon has also developed proprietary software which will allow for the accurate quantification of the efficiency of field crop operations.  In addition to modeling of energy use and climate impact, our software can been applied in many situations, based on client needs, including:

  • Financial impact of roads, well sites or other structures impeding optimum field patterns
  • Optimization of field efficiencies (including equipment selection and pathing options)
  • Estimation of the cost of protection measures such as leaving wetlands or wildlife habitat intact

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