Litigation Support & Dispute Resolution

Our consultants have worked for dozens of law firms and hundreds of lawyers representing individuals, businesses, and government. The projects assisted with the core of the given dispute or provided secondary support to matters at hand. All areas of our agricultural services provide litigation support whether it pertains to valuations and appraisals; agricultural economics; agrology; farm finance and management; First Nation claims; surface rights and expropriation; estate disputes; divorce matters; damage claims; oil and gas related disputes; and even general agricultural matters amongst others. Serecon has considerable experience as expert witnesses before the courts, hearing, tribunals and arbitrations. Our experiences finds that the earlier our consultants are in a given project the better in order to get to the heart of the given problem. Contact us for find out more about what services we provide: Email us or Phone: 780-448-7440 // 403-216-2100.