Surface Rights & Expropriation Support

Our consultants have completed hundreds of surface rights and expropriation projects over the years. Accordingly, we are well-versed in compensation factors from the surface rights and expropriation laws and other associated governmental Acts in western Canada. Surface rights matters typically pertain to loss of use, adverse effect (both tangible and intangible considerations), damages, and other factors of relevance for the given project. Expropriation matters typically pertain to market value, damages attributable to disturbance, special economic advantage, damages for injurious affection, and incidental damages.  To assist with some of the projects, Serecon's Obstruction Mapper program estimates cropping losses as part of site specific analyses. Find out more about the Obstruction Mapper here. 

Serecon has worked closely with landowners, land agents, municipalities, lawyers and government to determine fair and appropriate compensation as guided by law. All work is research and analyzed in consideration of our duty to the courts. Our consultants have appeared as expert witnesses before various courts, hearing, tribunals and arbitrations. 

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