Land Value Trend Analysis

Example of Land Value Trend Analysis Example of Land Value Trend Analysis

A Value Trend Analysis involves working with the client to establish regional Benchmark Properties that are characteristic of the land type that the client wants to trend or follow. The location of and the physical features of the Benchmark Properties as well as the search parameters would be well-defined with the client.  An initial value estimate of each of the Benchmark Properties would be provided through a Desktop Appraisal. Subsequent value updates and trend analysis would be provided to the client on a quarterly, annually, or as needed basis. The value updates would be based on a high level analysis of available sales data within the predetermined benchmark region; including land transfers, MLS and other data sources.

The Land Value Trend Analysis provides up-to-date value estimates for the given Benchmark region. It provides clients with indications about the trend in land values which could assist with investment decisions or could be utilized as a marketing tool to attract or retain business.

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