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Serecon's Valuation and Appraisal team have extensive experience in providing objective opinions of value for real property assets and business operations. We provide traditional appraisal and valuation reports for all types of rural real estate and agricultural operations. In addition, we provide various services that are designed around our clients needs that involves thorough research, in-depth analysis, and supported conclusions. 

Our staff and network of appraisers and valuators provide opinion of value on land and other assets throughout Canada and the United States.

Our consultants have all obtained professional certifications in the appraisal and/or business valuation area and are in good standing within their respective professional certifying organizations.

See a description of our sub-services in the information boxes below.

Sub Services

Business Valuations
Full Narrative Appraisals
Desktop Appraisals
Land Value Trend Analysis
Benchmark Studies
Land Use Impact Studies
Land Use Compensation Analysis
Investment Due Diligence

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Alberta Farmland Value Trends - Flagstaff County

July 12, 2017

Quality farmland in Flagstaff County, which is located approximately 120 km southeast of Edmonton, has experienced moderate appreciation in value over the last year. Appraisal analysis of property in that area indicates that productive agricultural land has increased about 7% in value from the summer of 2016 to the summer of 2017. To find out more…