Land Value Trends 2016: "steady as she goes"

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April 13, 2017

Rental Rates 2016 Rental Rates 2016

Serecon has released the latest Land Value Trends newsletter, summarizing Alberta and Saskatchewan land sales in 2016.  In an effort to provide an analysis that reflects variances across the provinces, we have again included regional analyses. For complete details, please download the 2016 Land Value Trends newsletter now or check out the newsletter archives on the Serecon website.

In addition to our Alberta resales analysis, the current newsletter also includes a regional analysis for the six divisions used by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities. Overall, our analyses show a continued increase in farmland values, though the rate of increase has slowed from the years prior to 2015.

New to this year's newsletter is a map of crop rental rates, using freshly-acquired survey data from 2015 and 2016. Cash rent of farmland is comprising a greater proportion of acres used for cropland across the prairies. Therefore, we have analyzed crop land rental data across Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as a portion of the Peace Region in BC.

Download the 2016 Serecon Land Value Trends now or contact one of our valuation experts for more detailed regional or local information.