Farmland Sales in Saskatchewan

Tags: Advisory Services, Valuations & Appraisals

October 29, 2018

Serecon completes a significant amount of appraisal work in Saskatchewan. Over our history, we have appraised millions of acres all over the Province. Accordingly, our appraisers have personally seen most areas of Saskatchewan and understand the key factors that drive value in those areas. One important consideration is identifying sales that are non-arm's length wherein the transfer of land is not considered to be a market transaction whether that be a result of family relations, internal company transfer, uninformed vendor, or other various reasons. Some sales are identified as being family transactions by the government. However, others are not. One way to investigate a sale is researching the parties in the transaction. If a company name is involved in a sale, we obtain information about that company to determine if the vendors and purchasers are related or the same parties. In Saskatchewan alone, we have a data set of over 1,700 companies on file which helps us analyze the various marketplaces throughout the Province. 

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