Field Optimization Advisory Services

Tags: Advisory Services, Management Consulting

February 8, 2019

Lisa Loewen, a consultant with Serecon, recently won a Crop advisor casebook from Grainews Magazine wherein she identified that crop patches in rectangular blocks were due to misplaced sectional shut-offs. She indicated that the automatic shut-offs were likely installed on the opposite side which caused double application on the headlands and missed areas adjacent to the headlands. In addition, the automated system was shutting off the wrong side of the drill when a portion of the implement was overlapping previously seeded areas.

Lisa's research and analysis of farming patterns over the years provided her with a keen eye to identify the problem. She has completed many simulations on our Obstruction Mapping program that emulate real life scenarios facing farmers. The image illustrates just one of these scenarios which identifies problems for farmers that can be corrected. The program is also utilized for insurance, dispute resolution, compensation analyses pertaining to oil and gas or electrical transmission activities, and sustainability among others.  

To find out more about the Obstruction Mapper, visit an overview here, or contact Lisa via email here.