Cattle and Forage Joint Project

February 1, 2023

Serecon is teaming up with BC Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA) and BC Forage Council (BCFC) on an Agriculture Climate Solutions Living Labs project focused on Extended Grazing Season and Winter-Feeding Strategies for cattle producers in British Columbia. From a cattle industry perspective, the need to assess the economics and costs/benefits of extended grazing season management and winter-feeding strategies are significant; winter feeding costs can be the highest variable cost to a cattle operation and subject to major fluctuation from climate change driven weather events such as drought, fire, and flooding. Serecon will be taking the lead on the economic component of this project over the next 5 years through developing the survey tools and model to provide a unit cost of production (cost per head of cattle) for each region. These results will be compare to conventional cost of production estimations for the same regions. To find out more, or to inquire about completing similar projects in other industries or other parts of Canada, please email us here.

*Graphic source: Government of Canada