Recreational Property Appraisals

Tags: Valuations & Appraisals

February 10, 2021

Our accredited appraisers have noticed an increase in demand for recreational properties in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Research, analysis and valuations of recreational properties such as lake, river, or waterfront properties; mountain properties; cabins and cottages; hunting properties; fishing properties; 'back country' properties; camping properties; golf course properties; and general vacation or getaway properties indicates that the marketplace is seeking investment in properties away from the city and away from their primary residences. Discussions with realtors and other market participants across western Canada indicates that the lockdown measures have caused people to purchase secondary properties as a means of getting away and providing more space for enjoyment. Specifically, areas of west of Calgary and Edmonton in the foothills and towards the mountains have experienced growing demand. Moreover, lake lots or lake communities nearby the prime lakes of the prairies have also seen an increase in demand and thus an increase in value in general. 

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