Pulse Fractionation Modelling

Tags: Advisory Services, Management Consulting

June 22, 2020

Source of Yellow Peas Image: https://seednet.ca/variety/aac-lacombe-yellow-pea/

Over the past year, our Specialists in the Business of Agriculture have conducted several in-depth analyses focused on the pulse fractionation sector in Western Canada. This is an emerging sector for Western Canada and Serecon is excited to be involved. In addition to developing business plans outlining the operational elements of running a fractionation facility as well as the marketing plans for moving the finished products, our team has developed a solid understanding of the expected cash flow of various sized wet and dry fractionation plants. With this knowledge our team is able to provide clients a solid idea of the expected return on investment from these operations. While the current downturn in the economy may temporarily reduce investments into agri-food processing, Serecon is continually receiving requests to offer consulting services in this emerging sector.  To find out more, reach our management consulting team at info@serecon.ca