Farmers Adopting Sustainability Measures

Tags: Advisory Services, Management Consulting

December 29, 2014

Serecon and Bob Burden are featured in a Western Producer article which discusses the Canadian Field Print Calculator that was presented at the Alberta Barley Commission's annual meeting. The article notes that more food corporations are adopting sustainability programs as a consumer requirement to do business.  In doing so, the food companies aim to work with farmers to increase profitability, lower costs, and minimize their environmental footprint. The Field Print Calculator is becoming a tool for farmers to assess how their farming practices impact land use efficiency, soil erosion, energy use, water use, carbon footprints, and other environmental issues. 

All producers are welcome to try the Field Print Calculator in order to become more sustainable. If you are interested, please download the input spreadsheet and e-mail it to Serecon.To find out more about the discussion and the Field Print Calculator, email Bob or call him at 780-448-7440.