Biogas, Anaerobic Digestion and Renewable Energy Advisory Services

Tags: Advisory Services, Management Consulting

June 5, 2023

Serecon's team is involved with more renewable and sustainable strategies that are being adopted to help reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental health. We assist industry and government in understanding the benefits, risks, and requirements to implement these types of initiatives as the adoption of biogas, anaerobic digestion, and renewable natural gas technologies as a means for offsetting traditional fossil-based fuels is of notable interest in private and municipal waste sectors as well as the agriculture sector. Our expertise allows us to work with clients in accurately evaluating the technical, financial, and commercial viability of a new venture, product or service pertaining to biogas, anaerobic digestion and unique feedstock procurement and sourcing opportunities. In addition, Serecon has experience providing accurate feasibility studies, which when completed by technical industry experts, assists in attracting further investment if the proposal is a 'go’ and saves time and money if it is a 'no go'.  We are experienced at providing unbiased third-party analyses, primarily for public and private sector stakeholders looking to implement biogas or other renewable energy programs into their sector programs and policies.  

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