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Serecon's Valuation and Appraisal team have extensive experience in providing objective opinions of value for real property assets, equipment and machinery, as well as business operations. We provide various services that are designed around our clients needs that involves thorough research, in-depth analysis, and supported conclusions. 

Our appraisals cover all types of agricultural assets such as:

  • Farmland: cropland, pasture, ranch, irrigated, etc.
  • Agri-Business: poultry, dairy, beef, hog, etc.
  • Grain Handling: feedmills, elevators, bins, etc. 
  • Country Residential: vacant, bungalow, ranch, etc. 
  • Recreational: riverfront, lakefront, vacation, etc.
  • Future Development: urban fringe, holding lands, etc.
  • Industrial: grain terminal, abattoir, greenhouse, etc.
  • Equipment & Machinery: tractors, combines, pivots, etc. 

 Our appraisals are required for many types of needs such as:

  • Financial: mortgages, refinancing, bankruptcy, foreclosure
  • Tax purposes: capital gains, estate, Valuation Day
  • Expropriation: compensation, damages
  • Surface rights issues: compensation, damages
  • Conservation easements: environment, agricultural
  • Litigation support & expert witness: legal proceedings, arbitration, hearings
  • Dispute resolution: divorces, unbiased appraisals
  • Buying, selling, leasing decisions: price determination
  • Transferring ownership: succession, spousal transfer
  • Accounting requirements: investment reporting
  • First Nations land claims: asset valuation, loss of use

Our staff and network of appraisers and valuators provide opinion of value on land and other assets throughout Canada with a focus in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 

Our consultants have all obtained professional certifications in the appraisal and/or business valuation area and are in good standing within their respective professional certifying organizations.

See a description of our sub-services in the information boxes below.

Sub Services

Full Narrative Appraisals
Desktop Appraisals
Business Valuations
Benchmark Studies
Investment Due Diligence
Land Use Compensation Analysis
Land Use Impact Studies
Land Value Trend Analysis

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