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We are specialists at quantifying, qualifying, and finding ways to increase value for our clients. We provide advisory services to clients needing expertise and knowledge in agriculture.

Serecon provides services in a broad range of agriculture sectors including crop and livestock production, upstream industries like seed and fertilizer, and downstream industries like grain handling and food processing. Our clients also include those sectors that support agriculture like government, industry associations, academic and research as well as litigation matters. 

See a description of our sub-services in the information boxes below.

Sub Services

Business Plans
Cost of Production Studies
Economic Impact Analyses
Feasibility Studies
Food and Agriculture Plans
Government Programs
Industry Studies
Market Intelligence
Program Evaluation
Risk Management and Biosecurity
Strategic Planning
Succession Planning

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July 28, 2020

Unfortunately, divorces happen; and when they happen with farmers or agricultural property owners, the farm assets need to be appraised to assist with the property settlement matters which may include separation, corporate restructuring, or sale of the assets. The valuations often consist of current appraisals, retrospective or historical appraisals,…