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Our farm asset management experts provide comprehensive services for landowners. Our objective is to become your partner in your land investment, providing agricultural knowledge and expertise, as well as management skills to help make your investment profitable. 

Types of services include:

  • Farm management
  • Lease management
  • Financial reporting

If you are a company or individual looking to acquire or divest of property, Serecon can identify land prospects, complete an area overview, research property background, and provide you with property appraisals. We can assist in providing you the proper due diligence that you will require to make your investment decisions. Furthermore we can help in negotiating the purchase of the property. Similarly we can help you make decisions on selling properties.

If you have purchased land, and need some help in managing the property, we can help through lease management and farm management services. Serecon can help find tenants for your property, and assist with completing and managing lease agreements. We can also provide support in how land is managed, developing farm plan, and determining the most appropriate use of land.

For investment funds we can provide professional accredited reports to track changes to your investment portfolio. We can complete semi annual or annual updates of property values.

Other services we can provide to help you manage your farm assets include:

  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Commodity marketing
  • Contract assistance
  • Capital investment strategy
  • Scenario development and analyses

Contact: Farm Asset Management specialist or 780-448-7440

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