Serecon's team consists of the following agriculture, agri-food and land experts.

Each team member's bio, email and phone number can be found by opening the information boxes listed below:

«General inquires via info@serecon.ca; 780-448-7440 or 403-216-2100»

Bruce Simpson
Senior Director
Bob Burden
Senior Director
Glen Doll
Valuations & Advisory Services
Bradley Slomp
Valuations & Advisory Services
Courtney Knude
Valuations & Market Analysis
Trevor Birchall
Valuations & Advisory Services
Markus Weber
Management Consulting & Data Analysis
Jim Robinson
Management Consulting & Business Development
Harvey Bradford
Management Consulting & Advisory Services
Todd Bergen-Henengouwen
Agrology & Data Analysis
David Weber
Valuations & Agrology
Angela Pearson
Sustainability & Research
Scott Fedirko
Research & Data Analysis
Lisa Loewen
GIS & Data Analysis
Ramez Ghabour
Research & Data Analysis
Cheryl March
Administration & Operations
Diane Adshead
Administration & Standards